About us

Accessible luxury for beauty and hairstyle

Today JOS centers are a constantly growing reality in Canton Ticino.

We are unisex complete beauty centers with the City Spa concept, specialized in permanent hair removal, face and body anti-aging treatments with advanced technologies, basic beauty treatments and manicure services.

We are complete hairdressing salons for stylistic, technical, curative services and extensions with natural hair.

The exponential growth of the company has led the JOS brand to establish itself in the Ticino area with a widespread presence of 4 City Spa stores: Bellinzona, Grancia and Lugano.

Our philosophy

  • High quality at the best price: every customer must have the opportunity to afford the care of their beauty and body, making use of a complete quality service at a good price
  • Quick service: Jos City Spa focuses the service in quick service mode, that is fast, accurate and performing, in line with the citizen work pace of each customer, guaranteeing everyone their own well-being
  • Furnishings signed by international designers
  • Modern, fresh, dynamic environment
  • Highly qualified and constantly updated staff
  • JOS Beauty and Cosmetic professional cosmetic line, Swiss Made and developed with important internationally recognized cosmetic laboratories.