Semi-permanent makeup

Permanent makeup


Today's woman is increasingly demanding and avant-garde, and that is why we offer the experience of a qualified technique capable of transforming and enhancing her face with the semi-permanent makeup service.

Semi-permanent make-up is an aesthetic micropigmentation that involves the introduction of specific and natural pigments in order to modify, correct, beautify and balance certain facial features in a lasting way.

The result of the semi-permanent make-up is a freshly made make-up, which does not smudge, does not fade, and lasts throughout the day.

What will you get with a Permanent Makeup session?

  • Get a new perception of your gaze and of yourself
  • Get a new frame to enhance your look, without upsetting the shape of your face
  • Capture the attention of those around you with a fresh and bright look
  • Make your look more expressive and seductive by taking care of your eyebrows
  • Finally get eyebrows that fit your features
  • Enhance the shape of your face, eyes and improve the size of the nose
  • Correct any facial blemishes or imperfections
  • Rebuild the brow bone compromised by various factors including alopecia, thinning and poor growth.

Eyelash extensions - Nanolash natural effect

CHF 150.- (touch-up after 3 weeks 90.-)

Eyelash extensions - Nanolash with volume or eyeliner effect

CHF 170.- (touch-up after 3 weeks 90.-)

Eyebrows - Nanobrows hair by hair

(Including touch-up after 30 days)
CHF 580.-

Eyebrows - Nanobrows hair to hair and shading

CHF 640.-

Lips - Nanolips

(including touch-up after 40 days and after-care kit)

CHF 580.-