Face anti-age

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The ultimate expression of authentic beauty is a well-groomed face.

Our range of face anti-aging solutions embrace photorejuvenation with Pulsed Light (IPL), capable of creating a high temperature that destroys the imperfections created on the face, acting on capillaries and facial spots, without damaging healthy tissues, radiofrequency with vacuum mode and laser lifting, a soft lifting treatment.

All advanced beauty treatments are performed by our beauticians who have received high training with the best professionals in the sector. Face photo-rejuvenation techniques are non-invasive.

Our equipment is certified and programmed according to the standards in force for aesthetic use only.


Radiofrequency with vacuum and infrared effect to increase the flow of oxygen to the skin cells, stimulate collagen, reduce wrinkles. promote cell metabolism, increase blood circulation and skin elasticity


Non-ablative photorejuvenation that provides energy to the dermis in the form of heat without damaging the overlying epidermis, activating its cells. This thermal stimulation determines the production of new collagen, restoring tone, elasticity and firmness to the skin.


Today, thanks to the pulsed light, our treatments perform with excellent results and provide energy to the skin in the form of heat without damaging the overlying epidermis. However, the penetration capacity of pulsed light does not exceed 2 mm of penetration, therefore the treatment is not invasive. After the treatment with pulsed light, the skin of the face will be clearer, more elastic and smooth. This effect can be found in micro wrinkles and skin tone.

The facial treatment is combined at the same time with chromotherapy for radiofrequency.


6 single use face treatments with plant stem cells. Phytoceutic treatment with a broad spectrum of efficacy able to give the skin of the face a deep hydration. Its formulation guarantees:

  • Maximum hydration and ideal rebalancing after sun exposure or intense cold, thanks to the presence of specific ingredients such as double molecular weight hyaluronic acid, betaine and tamarind extract.
  • Anti-aging action thanks to the extract of apple plant stem cells (Uttwiler Spatlauber) and soy isoflavones.
  • Toning and remineralizing action thanks to the sea silt and rosemary.

Suitable for alipic, dehydrated and toneless skins also due to atmospheric agents. Ideal to end the sun exposure season in style or better face the harsh winter climate, quenching thirst and deeply regenerating the skin of the face.


The V2 Professional Kit is a dermocosmetic face-neck treatment, with a broad spectrum of efficacy and able to counteract and prevent the signs of chrono and photo-aging. The Kit has been formulated to redensify the dermis with natural ingredients such as Shea butter rich in "unsaponifiable fraction", Kigelia Africana extract and DMAE (Dimethyl-Amino-Ethanol) with a remodeling and toning action. It also helps reduce the depth of wrinkles thanks to the formulation support of a biomimetic peptide combined with the eutrophic action of Centella Asiatica and Cranberry, making the V2 treatment an excellent anti-wrinkle. Furthermore, vitamin C in addition to being a collagen stimulator, has powerful antioxidant virtues and gives brightness to the skin. The pulp of the blackcurrant berry and seeds, contained in the mask, perform a powerful antioxidant action, giving the skin a luminous and compact appearance, helping to restore the right level of hydration.

Deep facial cleansing with specific vial (purifying / nourishing) with full face radiofrequency

CHF 145.-

Photorejuvenation with pulsed light (IPL)

4 programs: anti-blemish, anti-acne, couperose, aging-control

CHF 60.-

Specific radiofrequency treatment / full face laser lifting (face-neck-cleavage)

CHF 130.-

Path 5 sessions Radiofrequency Face / Full Face Laser Lifting (face-neck-cleavage)

CHF 520.-

IPL photorejuvenation for a young face

A targeted treatment with 4 specific programs to treat skin imperfections:

  • anti-acne (at least 6 sessions recommended)
  • coperouse (at least 6 sessions recommended)
  • anti-stain (10 sessions recommended)
  • anti-aging luminosity (at least 6 sessions recommended)

To book a professional skin diagnosis, contact our JOS City SPA

CHF 55.- per session