Pulsed light hair removal

Pulsed light

Pulsed Light Hair Removal (IPL) can be used with excellent results for permanent hair removal (photodepilation) and for rejuvenating treatments that stimulate cell regeneration (photorejuvenation). IPL being a more modern technology can be used for a wider range of skin and hair chlorines, and is painless and inexpensive. It works by selectively destroying the melanin present in the hair, without damaging the surrounding tissues. The average experience is a 70% - 80% reduction in hair regrowth over the course of 6 - 12 treatments, depending on the subjective metabolism. To maintain the result, 3 - 6 booster sessions per year are recommended.

Advice and free trial

CHF 0.-

Services included in the consultancy:

  • Hair evaluation
  • Health history and suitability for treatment
  • Free trial on one zone

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50% discount

for a small area (lips / chin) combined with a large area



Full face chf 29.-

  • Upper lip chf 19.-
  • Chf 19.-
  • Cheek / sideburns chf 19.-
CHF 29.- per session

Hands & Feet

Full hands chf 29.-

Full feet chf 29.-



CHF 59.- per session


Single full arm with hands chf 49.-

Single half arm (no hands) chf 29.-

CHF 49.- per session


Partial bikini chf 29.-

Total bikini + perinal chf 49.-

Groin man chf 29.-
CHF 49.- per session

Full leg

Single full leg (feet included) chf 49.-

Single half leg (feet excluded) chf 29.-

Men's half leg (from the knee down) chf 29.-

CHF 49.- per session

White line

CHF 19.-

Back + neck (man)

CHF 49.-

Chest (man)

CHF 49.-

Belly (man)

CHF 49.-


Gluteus(+ perianal) woman chf 29.-
Gluteus(+ perineal) man chf 49.-

CHF 29.-


CHF 29.-

Lower back (man)

CHF 29.-


Single shoulder (man) chf 29.-

CHF 29.-