Medicina estetica


Jos Beauty centers offer aesthetic treatments and all Aesthetic Medicine treatments, thanks to the very close collaboration of internationally recognized aesthetic doctors and surgeons.

The close collaboration of aesthetics and aesthetic medicine makes Jos Beauty centers among the most modern and advanced Aesthetic centers in Canton Ticino, where attention is always paid to maintaining beauty combined with personal care and well-being.

The face and body treatments of Aesthetic Medicine carried out by Dr. Addonisio are the following:

Preliminary advice

CHF 70.- (refundable)

Papain Fractionated Face Peeling

NEW: Papain Fractionated Face Peeling chf 180.- (+ CHF 20 mask, + chf 55 dermapen needing, chf 255.- full face)

CHF da 180.-

Botox - botulinum toxin

CHF 600.- complete session

Wrinkle filler - hyaluronic acid

CHF da 450.-

Lips / nose filler - hyaluronic acid

CHF da 450-

Biorevitalization - face

CHF da 150.- per session

Biorevitalization and face stimulation (2 in one month)

CHF da 250.- per session

Treatment for acne scars

CHF 280.-

Antiage needling

CHF 200.-

Anti-blemish peeling

CHF 200.-

Lipolytic anti-cellulite mesotherapy with phosphatidylcholine

CHF 170.-

Anti-cellulite mesotherapy

CHF 130.-