Classic beauty pedicure

CHF 45.- (scrub included)

Curative pedicure

CHF 65.- (scrub included)

Keratin nail treatment

CHF 60.- (complete pedicure included)

Simple polish pedicure

CHF 10.-

Pedicure + semi-permanent long lasting gel polish

CHF 65.- (scrub included)

Pedicure corns supplement

CHF 5.-

Feet long lasting semi-permanent polish

CHF 50.-

Rimozione Long lasting gel con pedicure classica completa

CHF 65.- (incluso scrub)

Nail polish change

CHF 15.-

Callus Remover

CHF 25.-

French supplement

CHF 10.-

Feet scrub

CHF 15.-

Nourishing foot mask

CHF 15.-

JOS Feet Wellness Line for your Beauty Routine

Saline cream Scrub Sensitive Scrub Microperle (format 100ml / 500ml)

An excellent exfoliating and purifying treatment that removes dead cells from the skin surface, promoting the natural regeneration of the skin thanks to the special formula of micro saline granules and essential oils, a product designed to give softness and a regenerating effect on the whole body.

Nourishing feet cream (format 250ml / 50ml)

Composed of rich soothing active ingredients, it invigorates and soothes tired feet. It absorbs quickly and restores elasticity and softness to the epidermis, smoothing dry skin, nourishes and prevents roughness of the feet. The fragrance is characterized by a fresh menthol fragrance

CHF 35.-/ 115.- (saline cream) /35.-/19.- (feet cream)