Facial cleaning

Professional skin diagnosis with skin scanner

CHF 40.-

Deep facial cleansing with specific vial (purifying / nourishing anti-aging)

CHF 95.- (diagnosis included)

Deep facial cleansing with vial included (lip and eyebrow inc.)

CHF 115.- (skin diagnosis included)

SOS Deep hydration Hyaluronic acid treatment

CHF 115.-

V2 Professional Antiage Stem Cells Treatment

CHF 135.-

Express facial treatment with High Frequency

CHF 45.-

Eyelash dye

CHF 25.-

Eyebrows dye

CHF 20.-


Dermatoscopic Skin Scanner that analyzes the skin's state of health in order to carry out an in-depth professional analysis of skin parameters such as hydration, skin elasticity, sebum, pores, wrinkles, melanin and sensitivity.

Thanks to this technology we can carry out targeted curative courses with immediate results to reach the optimal state of the skin, monitoring the progress session by session.

Complimentary service combined with a facial treatment.

CHF 40.- (free with a facial treatment)


Our facial cleansing treatments promote the use of High Frequency technology for an important purifying, disinfectant and nourishing action. More oxygenation to the tissue.

We have also designed an EXPRESS treatment of only 30 minutes, using only the HIGH FREQUENCY and specific vial. A first step in skin care.

CHF 45.- (express treatment) / included in facial cleansing