Woman waxing

Full leg wax (with total bikini and armpits)

CHF 95.-

Full leg wax (with bikini area, armpits, lip and eyebrows)

CHF 105.-

1/2 leg wax (with total bikini and armpits)

CHF 75.-

Lips + eyebrows

CHF 30.-

Full leg wax

CHF 55.-

1/2 leg wax

CHF 40.-

Partial bikini wax

CHF 20.-

Total bikini wax

CHF 35.-


CHF 15.-


CHF 20.-

Woman's gluteus

CHF 20.-

Arm wax

CHF 30.-

Arms + hands wax

CHF 40.-

Armpits wax

CHF 20.-

Sideburns + chin wax

CHF 30.-

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