Cellulite Cream

Product description

Formula designed with thermogenic action, it acts directly in depth on the areas affected by cellulite, promoting the penetration of the active ingredients. The heat sensation and skin redness are the temporary effects due to the work of the active ingredients and depend on the type of skin. In areas where cellulite is more intense, the reaction is greater: this effect highlights its direct effectiveness.

How to use

Apply with a light massage all over the body until completely absorbed. It heats and reddens the skin, but the sensation is temporary and progressively diminishes by using it frequently. Warnings: it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is not suitable for those with capillary fragility problems. Do not use on the breast. Wash your hands well after use. Do not touch eyes or mucous membranes without first washing your hands thoroughly. Use twice a day (morning and evening).

CHF 55.-

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