Triple Action Cleansing Mousse

Product description

aporous foam formulated to cleanse effectively, gently, but without drying the skin. Eliminating all impurities and make up. No oily residue. The skin immediately appears radiant and fresh.

Triple action:

  • makeup remover
  • thorough cleansing
  • toning action

Format: 200ml

Actives detail

Plant of Arab-African origin commonly called Aloe Vera. Defined as a prodigy of mother nature

Properties: anti-aging, protective from external agents, soothing, antibacterial action

It is the tea plant, a small plant but with the presence of large quantities of polyphenols and theophylline.

Properties: protective at the microcirculation level, antioxidant in anti-aging products thanks to the presence of polyphenols, skin purifying and astringent thanks to the presence of tannins. Theophylline promotes the drainage of excess fluids and promotes lipolysis.

Modalità d'uso

Apply a small amount of product and massage with circular movements on the areas of interest, avoiding the eye contour area. Insist on critical areas (forehead, nose and chin). Don't forget the neck and cleavage. Then rinse with warm water.

CHF 35.-

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