Supreme Anti-aging

Product description

Supreme Eye-Serum eye contour serum

Rich in energizing, nourishing and elasticising active ingredients, this product is suitable for those who need to give the eye contour a fresh, luminous and rested appearance. Collagen, Elastin, Glycosaminoglycans and Hyaluronic Acid, normally present in the dermis, help to make the skin supple and give it firmness and hydration, reducing wrinkles.

Caffeine helps drain liquids by reducing swelling from stress and fatigue; the plant active ingredients have an antioxidant and toning action. The skin appears smoother from the first application.

How to use

To be used daily, preferably morning and evening, on the eye contour area, before Jos Secret Global lift anti-aging face cream.

The combined effect of the Supreme Eye-Serum eye contour serum and the anti-aging face cream increases their effectiveness, so that the two products act in synergy.

To be used daily in combination:

CHF 52.-

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